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Analysis of replication profiles reveals key role of RFC-Ctf18 in yeast replication stress response.

Laure Crabbé, Aubin Thomas, Véronique Pantesco, John De Vos, Philippe Pasero, Armelle Lengronne

Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. (2010), 17(11):1391-7Data to DownloadPubMed | Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol.

Maintenance of genome integrity relies on surveillance mechanisms that detect and signal arrested replication forks. Although evidence from budding yeast indicates that the DNA replication checkpoint (DRC) is primarily activated by single-stranded DNA (ssDNA), studies in higher eukaryotes have implicated primer ends in this process. To identify factors that signal primed ssDNA in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, we have screened a collection of checkpoint mutants for their ability to activate the DRC, using the repression of late origins as readout for checkpoint activity. This quantitative analysis reveals that neither RFC(Rad24) and the 9-1-1 clamp nor the alternative clamp loader RFC(Elg1) is required to signal paused forks. In contrast, we found that RFC(Ctf18) is essential for the Mrc1-dependent activation of Rad53 and for the maintenance of paused forks. These data identify RFC(Ctf18) as a key DRC mediator, potentially bridging Mrc1 and primed ssDNA to signal paused forks.

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ARS assay

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2D gel

ARS305, ARS414, ARS1212

ChIP of replication origin proteins

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Replication timing

None curated.

Replication in hydroxyurea

ARS102, ARS103, ARS at I-17, ARS104, ARS105, ARS106, ARS107, ARS107.5, ARS108, ARS109, ARS110, ARS202, ARS at II-72, ARS at II-81, ARS203, ARS206, ARS207, ARS207.1, ARS at II-188, ARS207.5, ARS207.8, ARS208, ARS209, ARS210.5, ARS at II-293, ARS at II-309, ARS211, ARS at II-343, ARS212, ARS213, ARS214, ARS215, ARS215.5, ARS216, ARS at II-499, ARS217, ARS218, ARS at II-584, ARS219, ARS219.5, ARS220, ARS221, ARS221.5, ARS222, ARS223, ARS224, ARS225, ARS227, ARS228, ARS228.5, ARS229, ARS302, ARS303, ARS320, ARS302, ARS302, ARS303, ARS320, ARS302, ARS302, ARS303, ARS320, ARS302, ARS304, ARS305, ARS at III-54, ARS306, ARS307, ARS308, ARS309, ARS at III-163, ARS310, ARS313, ARS314, ARS at III-224, ARS315, ARS at III-262, ARS316, ARS317, ARS318, ARS404, ARS405, ARS at IV-96, ARS405.5, ARS406, ARS407, ARS408, ARS at IV-170, ARS409, ARS at IV-220, ARS409.5, ARS410, ARS412, ARS413, ARS at IV-358, ARS at IV-385, ARS414, ARS415, ARS at IV-444, ARS416, ARS at IV-477, ARS417, ARS417.5, ARS418, ARS419, ARS420, ARS421, ARS422, ARS at IV-721, ARS422.5, ARS423, ARS425, ARS426.5, ARS at IV-859, ARS at IV-899, ARS428, ARS429, ARS429.5, ARS at IV-955, ARS430, ARS430.5, ARS431, ARS431.5, ARS432, ARS432.5, ARS433, ARS434, ARS435, ARS at IV-1308, ARS437, ARS at IV-1380, ARS439.5, ARS440, ARS441, ARS442, ARS446, ARS447, ARS504.2, ARS at V-18, ARS507, ARS508, ARS at V-110, ARS510, ARS at V-165, ARS511, ARS at V-184, ARS511.5, ARS512, ARS at V-256, ARS513.5, ARS514, ARS514.5, ARS at V-317, ARS516, ARS517, ARS at V-430, ARS518, ARS521, ARS522, ARS600.3, ARS600.4, ARS601, ARS602, ARS601, ARS602, ARS at VI-53, ARS at VI-62, ARS603, ARS603.1, ARS603.5, ARS604, ARS605, ARS606, ARS607, ARS608, ARS609, ARS at VII-8, ARS700.5, ARS at VII-33, ARS702, ARS704, ARS at VII-115, ARS706, ARS707, ARS at VII-171, ARS709, ARS710, ARS712, ARS at VII-267, ARS at VII-275, ARS714, ARS at VII-319, ARS716, ARS717, ARS718, ARS at VII-457, ARS719, ARS720, ARS at VII-553, ARS at VII-592, ARS724.5, ARS at VII-621, ARS726, ARS727, ARS728, ARS at VII-766, ARS729, ARS at VII-796, ARS at VII-801, ARS731, ARS at VII-847, ARS731.5, ARS732, ARS at VII-970, ARS733, ARS734, ARS at VII-1005, ARS735.5, ARS802, ARS804, ARS at VIII-58, ARS805, ARS at VIII-78, ARS805.7, ARS at VIII-116, ARS807, ARS809, ARS at VIII-193, ARS at VIII-198, ARS813, ARS at VIII-280, ARS at VIII-287, ARS815, ARS816, ARS at VIII-381, ARS818, ARS818.5, ARS820, ARS821, ARS822, ARS823, ARS at IX-31, ARS905, ARS907, ARS908, ARS909, ARS911, ARS911.5, ARS912, ARS at IX-190, ARS at IX-198, ARS913, ARS at IX-226, ARS at IX-238, ARS913.5, ARS914, ARS at IX-249, ARS at IX-280, ARS916, ARS at IX-328, ARS919, ARS920, ARS at IX-407, ARS922, ARS1004, ARS1005, ARS1006, ARS1007, ARS1007.5, ARS1008, ARS at X-212, ARS1009, ARS1009.5, ARS at X-269, ARS1010, ARS at X-325, ARS1011, ARS at X-355, ARS1013, ARS1014, ARS1015, ARS1016, ARS1017, ARS1017.5, ARS1018, ARS1018.5, ARS1019, ARS at X-628, ARS at X-644, ARS1020, ARS1021, ARS1022, ARS at XI-1, ARS at XI-8, ARS at XI-16, ARS at XI-24, ARS1102.5, ARS1103, ARS1104.5, ARS at XI-114, ARS1105.5, ARS1106, ARS at XI-170, ARS1106.3, ARS1106.5, ARS1106.7, ARS at XI-236, ARS1107, ARS1107.5, ARS1109, ARS at XI-344, ARS1112, ARS1113, ARS1114, ARS1114.5, ARS at XI-468, ARS at XI-501, ARS1116, ARS1117, ARS1118, ARS1120, ARS at XI-633, ARS1123, ARS at XII-31, ARS1203, ARS1205, ARS1206, ARS at XII-140, ARS1209, ARS at XII-171, ARS at XII-199, ARS1210, ARS1211, ARS1211.5, ARS1212, ARS at XII-296, ARS1212.5, ARS1213, ARS1215, ARS1217, ARS at XII-599, ARS1218, ARS1219, ARS at XII-618, ARS1219.7, ARS1220, ARS1220.5, ARS1222, ARS1223, ARS at XII-786, ARS1226, ARS1227, ARS1227.5, ARS1229, ARS1231, ARS1232, ARS1233, ARS1234, ARS at XII-1043, ARS1303, ARS1304, ARS at XIII-45, ARS1304.5, ARS at XIII-58, ARS1304.7, ARS1305, ARS1307, ARS1307.5, ARS at XIII-227, ARS1309, ARS at XIII-269, ARS1310, ARS at XIII-340, ARS1312, ARS at XIII-395, ARS at XIII-421, ARS1315, ARS1316, ARS at XIII-482, ARS1319, ARS1320, ARS1322, ARS at XIII-569, ARS1323, ARS1324, ARS1325, ARS1326, ARS1327, ARS1328, ARS1329, ARS1330, ARS at XIII-837, ARS1331.5, ARS1331.7, ARS1332, ARS1405, ARS at XIV-36, ARS1406, ARS1407, ARS1410, ARS1411, ARS1412, ARS at XIV-235, ARS1413, ARS1414, ARS1415, ARS at XIV-344, ARS1311.7, ARS at XIV-359, ARS1417, ARS at XIV-416, ARS1419, ARS1420, ARS1421, ARS1422, ARS at XIV-556, ARS at XIV-587, ARS1424, ARS1426, ARS at XIV-676, ARS1427, ARS at XIV-705, ARS1428, ARS at XIV-731, ARS1428.5, ARS at XV-1, ARS at XV-11, ARS at XV-19, ARS at XV-24, ARS1506.5, ARS1507, ARS1508, ARS at XV-104, ARS1509, ARS1509.3, ARS1509.5, ARS1510, ARS1510.5, ARS1511, ARS1512, ARS1513, ARS at XV-348, ARS at XV-354, ARS at XV-372, ARS at XV-398, ARS1513.5, ARS at XV-459, ARS at XV-464, ARS1514, ARS1515.5, ARS at XV-515, ARS1515.7, ARS1516, ARS at XV-577, ARS at XV-618, ARS at XV-632, ARS at XV-646, ARS1519, ARS at XV-663, ARS at XV-670, ARS1520, ARS1521, ARS at XV-763, ARS1523, ARS1524, ARS at XV-848, ARS1525, ARS1526, ARS at XV-884, ARS at XV-900, ARS1528, ARS at XV-946, ARS at XV-999, ARS at XV-1012, ARS at XV-1023, ARS1529.5, ARS1604, ARS1605, ARS at XVI-91, ARS1607, ARS at XVI-163, ARS at XVI-179, ARS at XVI-191, ARS at XVI-196, ARS1609, ARS at XVI-242, ARS at XVI-251, ARS at XVI-262, ARS at XVI-274, ARS1614, ARS at XVI-299, ARS at XVI-304, ARS at XVI-318, ARS1617, ARS at XVI-369, ARS at XVI-377, ARS1618, ARS1619, ARS at XVI-428, ARS1620.5, ARS at XVI-500, ARS1621, ARS at XVI-553, ARS1622, ARS1622.5, ARS1622.7, ARS at XVI-600, ARS at XVI-609, ARS at XVI-620, ARS1623, ARS1624, ARS1625, ARS at XVI-729, ARS1626, ARS1626.5, ARS1627, ARS at XVI-864, ARS1630, ARS1631

Predicted origins

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Confirmed sequence element

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Predicted sequence element

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