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Genome-wide distribution of ORC and MCM proteins in S. cerevisiae: high-resolution mapping of replication origins.

J J Wyrick, J G Aparicio, T Chen, J D Barnett, E G Jennings, R A Young, S P Bell, O M Aparicio

Science (2001), 294(5550):2357-60Data to DownloadPubMed | Science

DNA replication origins are fundamental to chromosome organization and duplication, but understanding of these elements is limited because only a small fraction of these sites have been identified in eukaryotic genomes. Origin Recognition Complex (ORC) and minichromosome maintenance (MCM) proteins form prereplicative complexes at origins of replication. Using these proteins as molecular landmarks for origins, we identified ORC- and MCM-bound sites throughout the yeast genome. Four hundred twenty-nine sites in the yeast genome were predicted to contain replication origins, and approximately 80% of the loci identified on chromosome X demonstrated origin function. A substantial fraction of the predicted origins are associated with repetitive DNA sequences, including subtelomeric elements (X and Y') and transposable element-associated sequences (long terminal repeats). These findings identify the global set of yeast replication origins and open avenues of investigation into the role(s) ORC and MCM proteins play in chromosomal architecture and dynamics.

OriDB annotation of this paper:

ARS assay

ARS600.2, ARS600.3, ARS600.4, ARS610, ARS1001, ARS1002, ARS1003, ARS1004, ARS1005, ARS1006, ARS1007, ARS1008, ARS1009, ARS1010, ARS1013, ARS1015, ARS1016, ARS1017, ARS1019, ARS1023, ARS1025

2D gel

None curated.

ChIP of replication origin proteins

ARS102, ARS102.5, ARS103, ARS104, ARS105, ARS106, ARS107, ARS108, ARS109, ARS111, ARS201, ARS202, ARS203, ARS at II-96, ARS at II-100, ARS206, ARS207, ARS208, ARS at II-246, ARS209, ARS at II-259, ARS211, ARS212, ARS213, ARS214, ARS215, ARS216, ARS at II-504, ARS218, ARS219, ARS220, ARS221, ARS222, ARS223, ARS224, ARS225, ARS at II-761, ARS227, ARS228, ARS229, ARS300, ARS at III-5, ARS301, ARS302, ARS302, ARS303, ARS320, ARS302, ARS302, ARS303, ARS320, ARS302, ARS305, ARS307, ARS309, ARS at III-163, ARS310, ARS at III-193, ARS314, ARS at III-224, ARS316, ARS317, ARS317, ARS at IV-9, ARS at IV-9, ARS403, ARS404, ARS405, ARS406, ARS407, ARS408, ARS409, ARS at IV-220, ARS410, ARS at IV-257, ARS412, ARS413, ARS414, ARS415, ARS416, ARS417, ARS418, ARS419, ARS420, ARS421, ARS422, ARS423, ARS at IV-764, ARS425, ARS at IV-833, ARS at IV-899, ARS428, ARS429, ARS430, ARS431, ARS432, ARS433, ARS434, ARS435, ARS at IV-1306, ARS437, ARS at IV-1356, ARS at IV-1380, ARS440, ARS441, ARS at IV-1455, ARS442, ARS at IV-1469, ARS at IV-1471, ARS446, ARS447, ARS at IV-1499, ARS at IV-1506, ARS at IV-1524, ARS502, ARS503, ARS504, ARS504.2, ARS at V-18, ARS507, ARS508, ARS at V-110, ARS510, ARS511, ARS512, ARS514, ARS516, ARS517, ARS518, ARS519, ARS520, ARS522, ARS523, ARS600.1, ARS600.2, ARS600.3, ARS600.4, ARS600.3, ARS600.4, ARS601, ARS602, ARS603, ARS603.5, ARS605, ARS606, ARS607, ARS609, ARS610, ARS at VI-269, ARS702, ARS at VII-70, ARS704, ARS at VII-115, ARS706, ARS707, ARS at VII-167, ARS709, ARS710, ARS712, ARS at VII-270, ARS714, ARS at VII-288, ARS716, ARS717, ARS718, ARS719, ARS720, ARS721, ARS722, ARS at VII-576, ARS at VII-576, ARS at VII-582, ARS at VII-627, ARS726, ARS727, ARS728, ARS729, ARS at VII-796, ARS731, ARS732, ARS733, ARS734, ARS735, ARS131a, ARS131n, ARS802, ARS at VIII-11, ARS804, ARS805, ARS at VIII-116, ARS at VIII-135, ARS809, ARS810, ARS at VIII-215, ARS at VIII-219, ARS813, ARS at VIII-287, ARS815, ARS816, ARS at VIII-381, ARS818, ARS818, ARS820, ARS821, ARS822, ARS823, ARS824, ARS at IX-8, ARS at IX-11, ARS at IX-17, ARS905, ARS at IX-52, ARS907, ARS908, ARS909, ARS at IX-114, ARS911, ARS912, ARS913, ARS914, ARS at IX-249, ARS at IX-249, ARS at IX-308, ARS916, ARS at IX-314, ARS919, ARS920, ARS at IX-363, ARS922, ARS1001, ARS1002, ARS1003, ARS1004, ARS1005, ARS1006, ARS1007, ARS1008, ARS at X-212, ARS1009, ARS1010, ARS1011, ARS1012, ARS1013, ARS1014, ARS1015, ARS1018, ARS1019, ARS1020, ARS1021, ARS1022, ARS1023, ARS1024, ARS1025, ARS at XI-1, ARS at XI-8, ARS1103, ARS at XI-89, ARS at XI-114, ARS1106, ARS1107, ARS at XI-314, ARS1109, ARS at XI-334, ARS at XI-382, ARS1112, ARS1113, ARS1114, ARS at XI-463, ARS1116, ARS1117, ARS1118, ARS at XI-584, ARS1120, ARS at XI-617, ARS at XI-633, ARS1123, ARS at XI-662, ARS at XII-12, ARS at XII-31, ARS1203, ARS at XII-71, ARS1205, ARS1206, ARS at XII-140, ARS1209, ARS1210, ARS1211, ARS1212, ARS1213, ARS at XII-385, ARS1215, ARS1216, ARS1217, ARS at XII-599, ARS1218, ARS1219, ARS1220, ARS at XII-721, ARS1222, ARS1223, ARS at XII-749, ARS at XII-770, ARS1226, ARS1227, ARS at XII-920, ARS1229, ARS at XII-931, ARS1231, ARS1232, ARS1233, ARS1234, ARS1235, ARS at XII-1056, ARS at XII-1064, ARS at XII-1071, ARS at XIII-6, ARS at XIII-10, ARS1303, ARS1304, ARS1305, ARS at XIII-112, ARS1307, ARS1308, ARS1309, ARS1310, ARS at XIII-290, ARS1312, ARS at XIII-373, ARS at XIII-421, ARS1315, ARS1316, ARS at XIII-478, ARS at XIII-491, ARS1319, ARS1320, ARS at XIII-543, ARS1322, ARS1323, ARS1324, ARS1325, ARS1326, ARS1327, ARS1328, ARS1329, ARS1330, ARS at XIII-837, ARS1332, ARS at XIII-919, ARS at XIII-923, ARS at XIV-9, ARS at XIV-9, ARS at XIV-15, ARS1405, ARS at XIV-36, ARS1406, ARS1407, ARS at XIV-95, ARS at XIV-96, ARS1410, ARS1411, ARS1412, ARS1413, ARS1414, ARS1415, ARS at XIV-325, ARS1417, ARS at XIV-416, ARS1419, ARS1420, ARS1421, ARS1422, ARS at XIV-556, ARS at XIV-568, ARS1424, ARS at XIV-617, ARS1426, ARS1427, ARS1428, ARS1429, ARS at XIV-783, ARS at XV-1, ARS at XV-11, ARS at XV-11, ARS at XV-19, ARS1507, ARS1508, ARS1509, ARS1510, ARS1511, ARS1512, ARS1513, ARS at XV-495, ARS1516, ARS1517, ARS at XV-605, ARS at XV-618, ARS1519, ARS1520, ARS1521, ARS at XV-763, ARS1523, ARS1523, ARS1524, ARS1525, ARS1526, ARS at XV-902, ARS1528, ARS1529, ARS at XV-1081, ARS1601, ARS1602, ARS at XVI-19, ARS1604, ARS1605, ARS at XVI-91, ARS1607, ARS at XVI-163, ARS1609, ARS at XVI-215, ARS at XVI-220, ARS at XVI-262, ARS at XVI-266, ARS1614, ARS at XVI-304, ARS at XVI-318, ARS1617, ARS1618, ARS1619, ARS at XVI-423, ARS1621, ARS1622, ARS1623, ARS1624, ARS1625, ARS1626, ARS1627, ARS1628, ARS at XVI-851, ARS1630, ARS1631, ARS at XVI-942

Replication timing

None curated.

Replication in hydroxyurea

None curated.

Predicted origins

None curated.

Confirmed sequence element

None curated.

Predicted sequence element

None curated.

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