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Mapping of early firing origins on a replication profile of budding yeast.

Nami Yabuki, Hiromichi Terashima, Kunio Kitada

Genes Cells (2002), 7(8):781-9Data to DownloadPubMed

Understanding of the firing time determination of replication origins in the entire genome will require a genome-wide survey of replication origins and their mapping on chromosomes. A microarray technology was applied to obtain a genome-wide profile of DNA replication and to classify early firing origins.

OriDB annotation of this paper:

ARS assay

None curated.

2D gel

None curated.

ChIP of replication origin proteins

None curated.

Replication timing

ARS104, ARS106, ARS at I-102, ARS107, ARS108, ARS110, ARS at I-206, ARS112, ARS113, ARS at I-230, ARS202, ARS206, ARS207, ARS207.5, ARS at II-229, ARS208, ARS at II-246, ARS209, ARS at II-259, ARS at II-266, ARS at II-266, ARS211, ARS214, ARS216, ARS219, ARS220, ARS at II-627, ARS221.5, ARS at II-695, ARS222, ARS222.5, ARS at II-732, ARS224, ARS225, ARS at II-761, ARS229, ARS228.5, ARS305, ARS306, ARS307, ARS308, ARS309, ARS at III-138, ARS at III-163, ARS310, ARS314, ARS314.5, ARS at III-200, ARS at III-224, ARS315, ARS316, ARS317, ARS318, ARS at III-308, ARS404, ARS at IV-51, ARS405, ARS406, ARS409, ARS at IV-220, ARS410, ARS at IV-257, ARS413, ARS414, ARS415, ARS416, ARS at IV-477, ARS417, ARS417.5, ARS418, ARS420, ARS421, ARS at IV-645, ARS422, ARS at IV-739, ARS422.5, ARS423, ARS at IV-778, ARS425, ARS at IV-879, ARS428, ARS430, ARS at IV-1022, ARS431, ARS431.5, ARS at IV-1136, ARS431.7, ARS432, ARS432.5, ARS433, ARS434, ARS at IV-1275, ARS435, ARS at IV-1306, ARS437, ARS at IV-1356, ARS at IV-1380, ARS439.5, ARS440, ARS at IV-1455, ARS442, ARS446, ARS447, ARS at IV-1499, ARS507, ARS508, ARS510, ARS511, ARS512, ARS514, ARS516, ARS517, ARS518, ARS519, ARS519, ARS at V-481, ARS520, ARS at V-510, ARS at V-563, ARS601, ARS602, ARS603, ARS603.5, ARS605, ARS606, ARS607, ARS609, ARS608.5, ARS at VII-26, ARS702, ARS704, ARS at VII-115, ARS706, ARS707, ARS at VII-167, ARS710, ARS714, ARS at VII-288, ARS716, ARS717, ARS718, ARS719, ARS at VII-481, ARS720, ARS721, ARS722, ARS at VII-576, ARS727, ARS728, ARS729, ARS731, ARS731.5, ARS733, ARS734, ARS735, ARS at VII-1005, ARS at VII-1037, ARS131a, ARS805, ARS at VIII-58, ARS at VIII-116, ARS805.7, ARS807, ARS at VIII-135, ARS809, ARS813, ARS815, ARS at VIII-367, ARS at VIII-381, ARS820, ARS at VIII-452, ARS at VIII-505, ARS907, ARS908, ARS909, ARS911, ARS at IX-183, ARS at IX-205, ARS913, ARS at IX-220, ARS at IX-220, ARS at IX-226, ARS at IX-238, ARS913.5, ARS914, ARS at IX-249, ARS at IX-314, ARS at IX-323, ARS919, ARS920, ARS at IX-363, ARS922, ARS at IX-407, ARS at X-48, ARS1005, ARS1006, ARS1006, ARS at X-171, ARS1008, ARS at X-212, ARS1009, ARS at X-269, ARS at X-305, ARS1011, ARS1012, ARS1013, ARS1014, ARS1015, ARS1018, ARS1019, ARS1018.5, ARS1021, ARS1023, ARS1024, ARS at XI-8, ARS at XI-16, ARS at XI-24, ARS1103, ARS1104.5, ARS1104.5, ARS1106, ARS1106.7, ARS1107, ARS1107.5, ARS1109, ARS at XI-334, ARS at XI-327, ARS1112, ARS1113, ARS1114, ARS1113.5, ARS1116, ARS at XI-520, ARS1117, ARS1118, ARS at XI-584, ARS1120, ARS at XI-617, ARS1123, ARS1206, ARS1206.5, ARS at XII-140, ARS1208, ARS1209, ARS1211, ARS at XII-282, ARS1212, ARS at XII-296, ARS1213, ARS1215, ARS1216, ARS1217, ARS at XII-599, ARS1218, ARS1219, ARS at XII-618, ARS1220, ARS1223, ARS at XII-770, ARS1226, ARS1227, ARS1227.5, ARS at XII-931, ARS1232, ARS at XII-1020, ARS1234, ARS1235, ARS at XII-1056, ARS1303, ARS1305, ARS1307, ARS1308, ARS1309, ARS at XIII-269, ARS1310, ARS at XIII-290, ARS1312, ARS at XIII-373, ARS1315, ARS1316, ARS at XIII-478, ARS at XIII-482, ARS1319, ARS1320, ARS1323, ARS1325, ARS1326, ARS at XIII-727, ARS1327, ARS at XIII-763, ARS1330, ARS1332, ARS1405, ARS at XIV-36, ARS1406, ARS1407, ARS at XIV-95, ARS at XIV-85, ARS1410, ARS at XIV-116, ARS at XIV-159, ARS1411, ARS1412, ARS1413, ARS at XIV-253, ARS1414, ARS1415, ARS at XIV-325, ARS1311.7, ARS1417, ARS at XIV-416, ARS at XIV-434, ARS1419, ARS at XIV-459, ARS1420, ARS at XIV-516, ARS1422, ARS at XIV-556, ARS1424, ARS1426, ARS1427, ARS1428.5, ARS at XIV-773, ARS1506.5, ARS at XV-45, ARS1508, ARS at XV-79, ARS1509, ARS1510, ARS1510.5, ARS1511, ARS1512, ARS1513, ARS at XV-332, ARS1513.5, ARS at XV-459, ARS at XV-464, ARS at XV-464, ARS1514, ARS at XV-495, ARS1516, ARS1517, ARS at XV-605, ARS1519, ARS1520, ARS at XV-737, ARS at XV-763, ARS1523, ARS1524, ARS1525, ARS at XV-848, ARS1526, ARS1528, ARS1529, ARS1529.5, ARS at XV-1058, ARS at XV-1081, ARS at XV-1072, ARS1604, ARS1605, ARS1607, ARS at XVI-163, ARS1609, ARS at XVI-262, ARS at XVI-266, ARS1614, ARS at XVI-318, ARS at XVI-324, ARS at XVI-359, ARS1618, ARS at XVI-377, ARS1619, ARS at XVI-423, ARS1618.5, ARS at XVI-440, ARS1620.5, ARS at XVI-454, ARS1621, ARS at XVI-560, ARS1622, ARS1623, ARS at XVI-691, ARS1625, ARS1626.5, ARS1627, ARS at XVI-824, ARS1628, ARS at XVI-851, ARS at XVI-873, ARS1630, ARS1631, ARS at XVI-942

Replication in hydroxyurea

None curated.

Predicted origins

None curated.

Confirmed sequence element

None curated.

Predicted sequence element

None curated.

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