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Conserved nucleosome positioning defines replication origins.

Matthew L Eaton, Kyriaki Galani, Sukhyun Kang, Stephen P Bell, David M MacAlpine

Genes Dev. (2010), 24(8):748-53Data to DownloadPubMed | PubMed Central | Genes Dev.

The origin recognition complex (ORC) specifies replication origin location. The Saccharomyces cerevisiae ORC recognizes the ARS (autonomously replicating sequence) consensus sequence (ACS), but only a subset of potential genomic sites are bound, suggesting other chromosomal features influence ORC binding. Using high-throughput sequencing to map ORC binding and nucleosome positioning, we show that yeast origins are characterized by an asymmetric pattern of positioned nucleosomes flanking the ACS. The origin sequences are sufficient to maintain a nucleosome-free origin; however, ORC is required for the precise positioning of nucleosomes flanking the origin. These findings identify local nucleosomes as an important determinant for origin selection and function.

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Replication in hydroxyurea

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Predicted sequence element

ARS102, ARS104, ARS105, ARS106, ARS107, ARS109, ARS201, ARS202, ARS203, ARS206, ARS207, ARS207.5, ARS208, ARS209, ARS214, ARS216, ARS219, ARS220, ARS222, ARS224, ARS301, ARS320, ARS305, ARS309, ARS313, ARS314, ARS317, ARS318, ARS319, ARS404, ARS405, ARS409, ARS410, ARS412, ARS413, ARS415, ARS416, ARS417, ARS417.5, ARS418, ARS420, ARS421, ARS422, ARS423, ARS425, ARS428, ARS429, ARS430, ARS431, ARS432.5, ARS433, ARS434, ARS435, ARS437, ARS440, ARS441, ARS442, ARS447, ARS at IV-1524, ARS507, ARS508, ARS510, ARS511, ARS512, ARS514, ARS516, ARS518, ARS520, ARS522, ARS523, ARS600.1, ARS600.4, ARS601, ARS602, ARS603.5, ARS604, ARS605, ARS607, ARS609, ARS610, ARS700.5, ARS702, ARS704, ARS707, ARS714, ARS716, ARS718, ARS719, ARS720, ARS722, ARS727, ARS729, ARS731, ARS731.5, ARS734, ARS735.5, ARS131a, ARS131n, ARS802, ARS804, ARS805, ARS at VIII-116, ARS807, ARS809, ARS813, ARS815, ARS816, ARS818, ARS820, ARS822, ARS824, ARS905, ARS907, ARS911, ARS912, ARS913, ARS913.5, ARS919, ARS920, ARS922, ARS at IX-439, ARS1004, ARS1005, ARS1006, ARS1007, ARS1008, ARS1009, ARS1011, ARS1012, ARS1014, ARS1015, ARS1016, ARS1018, ARS1019, ARS1021, ARS at XI-1, ARS1103, ARS1104.5, ARS1106, ARS1106.7, ARS1107, ARS1109, ARS1112, ARS1113, ARS1114, ARS1114.5, ARS at XI-463, ARS1116, ARS1118, ARS1120, ARS1123, ARS at XI-662, ARS at XII-7, ARS at XII-12, ARS at XII-31, ARS1206, ARS1209, ARS1211.5, ARS1212, ARS1213, ARS1215, ARS1216, ARS at XII-461, ARS1217, ARS1218, ARS1220, ARS1222, ARS1226, ARS1227, ARS1227.5, ARS1229, ARS1234, ARS1235, ARS at XII-1064, ARS1303, ARS1307, ARS1307.5, ARS1308, ARS1309, ARS1310, ARS1312, ARS1315, ARS1319, ARS1320, ARS1322, ARS1323, ARS1324, ARS1326, ARS1327, ARS1329, ARS1330, ARS1332, ARS1406, ARS1407, ARS1411, ARS1412, ARS1413, ARS1415, ARS1417, ARS1419, ARS1420, ARS1421, ARS1422, ARS1426, ARS1427, ARS1428.5, ARS1429, ARS at XIV-783, ARS at XV-1, ARS at XV-11, ARS1507, ARS1508, ARS at XV-160, ARS1510, ARS1511, ARS1512, ARS1513, ARS1513.5, ARS1516, ARS1517, ARS1519, ARS1520, ARS1524, ARS1526, ARS at XV-900, ARS1528, ARS1604, ARS1605, ARS1607, ARS at XVI-163, ARS1614, ARS1618, ARS1619, ARS at XVI-454, ARS1621, ARS1622, ARS1623, ARS1624, ARS1625, ARS1626.5, ARS1627, ARS1630, ARS1631, ARS at XVI-942

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